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Welcome to the official website for Staffordshire and South Cheshire Woodturners Association. We are located in Newcastle under-Lyme, Staffordshire and meet every second Thursday of the month at the Senior Citizens Centre. You are assured of a warm welcome so if you have ever thought of having a go at turning or are already turning but would like to meet others who turn — then come along and join in our monthly club activities.

The next meeting, 9th March, we welcome Paul Jones once again to our club. He will be turning a box with a Saueracker lid. I had to look this up — JEH Saueracker was a German ornamental turner working in Nuremberg in the early 1900s who created a distinctive spiral shape in his turnings. It should be an interesting evening.

New Revised Hours for Monthly Meetings

  • Start time 7.20pm Tom's intro
  • demonstration 7.30pm — 8.45pm
  • coffee break 8.45pm — 9.00pm
  • demonstration 9.00pm — 10.00pm

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