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I have added The Tool Post to the selection on the 'Links' page. In addition to this, the very nice proprietor — Peter Hemsley — has graciously offered a discount on any items our members purchase from their shop.

"We are happy to give club discount to club members who call at the shop and who identify themselves as such. At this moment we cannot give a fixed discount figure as prices are all over the place thanks to the plummeting exchange rate. We aim to average 5% but reserve the right to apply as much — or as little — as margins allow at any point in time: we promise to do our best!

We are not able to give discounts for online purchases since our system is not sophisticated enough to permit this, nor do we have any means of validating actual membership of any particular club or society. Members coming to the shop can simply be asked to show their club membership cards to establish their bona-fides".
I would just like to say a big 'Thank You' to Peter for his kindness!

Furthermore, if you are looking for a good day out, Peter has informed me of an 'Open House' show which is at the end of June: "Demos on all sorts of products, especially turning demos, free tea and coffee etc., free parking, the run of the shop (but with the till still operating(!)). It is a show which is enjoyed by our visitors and whilst there are opportunities to buy, there is no compulsion".

Please let me know if anyone wishes to go, or maybe you want to make a day of it with your family/friends. I will let you know the exact date as soon as it has been made available to this space!!!
"We keep the ranges from Sorby, Henry Taylor, Hamlet, and Crown as well as the more specialist suppliers such as BCT, Kelton, Oneway (for whom we are no also the UK distributors), John Davies, Beall Tools etc etc. We claim — with reasonable confidence, that we stock a wider range of turning tools than any other supplier worldwide".
So what are you waiting for? Grab your club membership card, head on down there and see what they have in store for you!
Happy shopping
Anita :)

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