Show and Tell Evening

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Four brave members took to the stage for this years show and tell.

Firstly we had John Benn and his talk on turning pens, particularly making pens from rasin blanks. John had a range of blanks from off the shelf, but he now makes his own blanks. John demonstrated the process and materials needed to make your own pen blanks. The resin and colouring pigments can be obtained locally,

Web address shown at the top of this page.

(If you have problems with the above link, cut and paste address into your search engine).

Second under the spot light came Frank Simpson, he gave a demonstration on decorating boxes with veneer. Frank cut the veneer to size to fit the lid and bottom of the box using contrasting coloured veneers. Then using a craft punch in the shape of a heart he cut through the veneers. with the veneers cut Frank then glued the main veneer in place and then glued the contrasting heart into place. Frank showed that a simple box can be decorated in a short time andat alow cost.

Getting away from making things, our next demonstrator was Alec Bradley who passed on his engineering skills regarding the use of drills and keeping them sharp. Alec demonstrated the different angles that drills need to sharpened too for the different drilling jobs.

Finally Barry Wright gave a demonstration of his technique of polishing his wooden pens. Barry started by sanding his pen blanks to the required finish, then he gave the blanks a coat of boiled linseed applied with a cloth. The second stage was to apply three drops of supper glue to the cloth where the linseed oil had been and then coat the blanks. Oncedryhe gave the blanks a further light sand and repeated the polishing process, until the required finish.

The clubs thanks go theabove membersfor an interesting night, many thanks again.

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