Could we do something similar in Staffordshire?

Tom Carving

Craft Art Web is a new venture for 2009 set up by artists with experience in both web technology and event organisation for like minded individuals and groups. Our aims and objectives are to promote art and craft, broadly speaking, within Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Worcestershire but these boundaries do have a degree of flexibility. In the future, the geographic coverage may be extended if it is felt to be beneficial to our exhibitors.

The Choice of the area of coverage was made with the view that visitors to any part would be able to find other attractions within an hour's drive. This not only encourages tourists to the area to travel to visit us but hopefully will also encourage locals too.

We aim to promote all our members across the whole of the region we cover. Initially, this will take the form of establishing the web site and encouraging new exhibitors to join. Once we have enough exhibitors, we will look at staging exhibitions and producing printed brochures to further our goal.

Thinking of joining?

If you are an artist, craftsperson or centre, please take a look at the Join Here page. We are always glad to welcome new art and craft exhibitors to our web site and group.

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