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Everyone has to start somewhere.

If you are interested in learning how to woodturn and would like to know more about this fascinating craft. Come along to the Woodturners club in Newcastle Under Lyme. You will be made most welcome and will learn loads from chatting to fellow turners.

Plenty of Email addresses are available for you to contact. Tom Buttress being the Chairman of the club.
If your just at the curiosity stage. Heres how it all starts.

Assuming you have bought your lathe and tools. (again, advice can be sought with regards what may suit your needs)
The first tip I would give anyone is to master the art of sharpening your tools

Without sharp tools, your goint to fall at the first hurdle.
It makes cutting your chosen piece of wood easier and gives a smoother cut.

Invest in a grinder and make sure it is properly secured to a workbench. Be cautious also of flying particles of metal shards coming of your tool when grinding. (Safety goggles are recommended)

Take time to master each tool. It can take time to learn good control of your tools, to avoid "dig ins" and ruining your work. Especially if youve almost finished a piece.
Working between centres is called "spindle work", This is done using the Roughing out gouge. The skew chisel takes a little patience to master, but once acheived gives a fine smooth finished cut.
To form shapes on your spindle work, you need to use a spindle gauge or parting tool. Again, practise with the aid of good video,s or DVD,s (both are available at the club for a minimal fee) will help to perfect this task.

Heidi Lomax

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